The journey to Saasu MkII

Journey to Saasu MkII

This Tuesday (June 4th), we’ll be performing a significant update to the Saasu product at 7am (AEST). While this update involves no downtime (you can continue to use Saasu while it takes place), it will result in a complete overhaul of the user interface.

We wanted to alert our customers to this in advance, and explain what this means as we continue on the journey toward Saasu MkII.

Firstly, we’ve spoken a lot about an overhauled version of Saasu recently, and while the release of Saasu 1.5 is a step toward it, it is by no means the final product.

In preparing Saasu 1.5, we have focussed on bringing the application up to speed with our new brand (visually), and providing the foundations for Saasu MkII (in a technological sense).

As we’ve mentioned before, a lot of the development work we’ve undertaken recently has been behind the scenes—that is, it hasn’t resulted in new features becoming visible to customers, but instead ensures we have a solid base on which to rapidly prototype, develop and deliver the new features that we want to provide, just as much as our customers want to use.

This foundation means the road to Saasu MkII will involve a more iterative release process, which will see regular updates of individual features, as opposed to a significant amount of work behind the scenes, culminating in one large release. We’ll be looking at improving how the key screens you use daily in Saasu work together, based on the new ways of working that are starting to become more commonplace (Capture & Workflow) as well as offering support for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets (Responsive Design).

One of the most noticeable changes in Saasu 1.5 is the refreshed menu structure, and the inclusion of mega menu drop-downs. We wanted to make it easier to navigate around Saasu, and recognised the existing layout was not as efficient as it could be.

We’ve also increased the size of most “hit targets” (action links and buttons) across the app, to be more mobile friendly, again leaning towards future plans for the responsive design that will come with Saasu MkII.

The video below by Shasha Gong, Head of Service, gives you an early look at Saasu 1.5 in action, and a preview of what to expect following Tuesday’s release.

As always, we look forward to your feedback when Saasu 1.5 goes live, and hope you’re as excited as we are to have hit this milestone on the journey to an even better Saasu experience.

14 thoughts on “The journey to Saasu MkII

  1. WOW, looking great!
    Thanks for the video preview and I’m looking forward to go live on Tuesday.
    As always thanks for the great work.
    Congratulations Mark and the Saasu Team.

  2. New menu looks great – similar to the Amazon AWS Console menu, which works very well.
    Not sure of that grey dashboard though – it’s ugly as hell! Some of the contrasts look quite odd too.
    Really looking forward to reaching MkII! If you want some detailed critical feedback, shoot me an email.

    1. Thanks Ryan, Yes it’s a 1.5 so not where we plan to be quite yet. Step in the right direction though. When we do some UI checks with customers we’ll definitely take you up on your offer to review it. Greatly appreciate that.

  3. A feature I would love to see in an update soon would be the ability to quickly enter a contact or an item from within a transaction without having to go to the items list or contact list and add them before creating the purchase order or invoice. Ideally if the item isn’t found while entering the transaction it would be great if a “quick save” button or something similar appeared. It’s a hassle having to enter all the items manually first before creating a purchase order – it’s basically double data entry. Maybe it’s already possible and I’m missing something! Other than that, love the product. Good to see it continuing to improve.

  4. Hey guys, looks great. The video by Shasha soesn’t sound as scary as the intro you wrote. Looks like it’s just a great reorganisation of the interface, rather than anything massively different infrastructure-wise? Would that be fair?

    1. Hi Greg, Yes this is the first step in several which will result in an entirely new Saasu experience. For now, it is a matter of rolling out the technological foundation we need to continue to build on, and introducing new design elements that will enable us to provide a better experience across a range of devices.

  5. I noticed that now to change company files you have to go through the settings menu whereas before you could simply click on the company name – is this something I am doing wrong or was this an oversight?

    Steve Hilton

    1. Thanks Steven, No, your workflow sounds correct to me—simply click the Settings “cog”, and then “Change file” in the drop-down that appears immediately, which takes you to a list of organisations. If that isn’t helpful or you have any questions, feel free to drop a line to who will be able to diagnose in more detail.

  6. I agree with Tim, we don’t “Stock” Items so don’t have all items in, we add them we requested to quote them for a Client, would be so much easier if it was all done form the Sales Quote/Invoice entry screen.

  7. Is there any update on when Mark II will be released? Or even another release which builds on the “capture and workflow” part of your Mark II journey, which is what I’m most looking forward to seeing. I can’t find any recent update on this. Thank you.

    1. Hey Jessica
      We recently released a major new feature called Jump. This is google search for your accounting data. You can search transactions, contacts and inventory items in seconds and ‘jump’ right to the data you need. We are also working on another feature on an even larger scale that all businesses owners will love. We will blog/email/tweet about the new feature when it is released.

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