Header Accounts added to Saasu

Header accounts have arrived! The first version allows you to create groups of like accounts in your chart of accounts and sum them in your P&L Summary Report.


This capability also allows advisors and business owners to set account hierarchy and naming inline with regulatory or statutory accounts compliance needs. Some examples are:

Assets > Bank, Current Assets, Non-current Assets, Fixed Asset, Inventory.
Liability > Current Liability, Non-current Liability, Directors Loans.
Expenses > Depreciation, Direct Costs, Travel, Communications, Fixed Costs.

Release features:

  • Header (parent/hierarchy) accounts for Summary Profit and Loss.
  • Import/Export header accounts and detail accounts.
  • Assign existing accounts to a header account.
  • API supported for Get, Post, Update, Delete or Listing
  • Don’t need header accounts? Don’t worry, your reports will be the same.

Thanks for your business!

Zapier Beta – Connect stacks of Apps to Saasu

Zapier Logo

Zapier allows you to connect different apps to Saasu with what they call Zaps. Quite simply a Zap updates or creates data between two applications. Anyone can create Zaps. You don’t need to be a programmer but you do need to understand the fields and data in the two systems you want to connect.

Saasu has completed the Beta version of Zapier support so that Saasu and others can build Zaps on their platform. To get things going we have done some ourselves ready for Beta testing:

To try a Zap in our Beta version

  1. signup at Zapier.com
  2. review the apps you’d like to test connected to Saasu.
  3. email service@saasu.com your picks (up to 20)

We’ll collate the votes and provide at least 8 Zaps for customers to test with a link to easy steps to get started. It takes just a few minutes. For testing Saasu can provide a free temporary test file. Just let us know in your email if you want one.

Cheers and thanks for your business!

API Update – Items and Jump Search

New API endpoints are available for Saasu Developers.

PUT, POST and DELETE inventory Items. Previously we allowed GET but we have now completed the remaining requests.

Search Saasu Jump via our API. Jump is Saasu’s Global Search and Navigation tool for Transactions, Contacts and Inventory Items that have been indexed by the search platform.

search api code snippet

See Saasu’s self documenting API Docs for all the juicy details.

Got an app you want to connect to Saasu? Join our Saasu Developer Partner program for free.

Want to get paid faster? Add online payments to your invoices

Untitled design (1)

We have some exciting news for you! Your customers can now pay you online, straight from within your Saasu invoices with Braintree, eWay and Stripe.

We’ve worked with these three major online payment gateway providers to help you avoid the common headaches that come with chasing and receiving payments, and managing your cashflow. This means you can now get paid faster, with no fuss, automatically from your Saasu invoices.

This smooth integration is now available behind the scenes in Saasu. We’re in soft launch mode, starting with an exclusive release to selected customers to help us make the very final touches before we launch to all Saasu users soon.

Why online payments

  • It’s a huge time saver. Your customers can pay you quickly, get a receipt automatically, and the payment gets instantly reconciled in Saasu
  • The more payment options you display on your invoices, the higher the chances your customers will pay you on time
  • You can collect payments on the go and charge on the spot
  • Online invoicing is easy and straight forward. You and your customers will love it

How it works

It’s very simple, sleek and fast. All you have to do is add your preferred payment gateway in your Saasu file settings, enable online invoicing on your templates, and you can start getting paid online. Here’s a sneak peak…



Want it now?

If you’re already running Braintree, eWay or Stripe, you can be part of the exclusive group of Saasu customers to access this integration first. We will be using your feedback over the next couple of weeks to prepare for the big launch. If this is you, email us at service@saasu.com  to register your interest and we will send you the details.

This integration is part of an exciting series of releases designed to take Saasu to the next level and give you extra tools to make running your business easier, so you’re free to focus on what matters.

What do you think of this integration and how will it help your business? We’d love to hear from you. And if you feel it could help another user, feel free to share this post.

Direct bank feeds in Saasu

Westpac ANZ and St George logos

Bank feeds are an excellent time saving feature. Less time doing the books, more time working on your business.

Today we have good news for our Australian customers. Saasu has partnered with ANZ, Westpac, St. George, Bank of Melbourne and Bank of South Australia to provide direct bank feeds to our joint customers. Traditionally we have only offered transaction data feeds via third party data providers like Yodlee.

Applications are now open for ANZ, Westpac and St George. We are in a soft launch phase rolling out direct bank feeds over the next few weeks to allow for the volume of requests we will get. We will connect you as quickly as we can.

Your old feeds via Yodlee (our third party data feed provider) will continue to work. In the future we will be phasing out those feeds as we build more direct bank feeds.

Why direct feeds

Having direct bank feeds in Saasu is a step towards a better experience. You won’t have to use your online banking credentials and you won’t have to worry about service disruptions caused by online banking website changes. Yodlee is still a great service support for many account types that the banks themselves don’t offer direct feeds for. It also allows Saasu to cover some smaller banks.

How much will this cost?

It’s a free addition to your plan as long as the data we collect for you is within fair play limits. Saasu pays bank fees to your bank to access your data. Thus Saasu is absorbing nearly all of the fees ourselves. If, however, the volume of data exceeds our fair play limits for your file or the fees your specific bank charges Saasu are significant, we may prompt you to upgrade your Saasu plan. We will communicate with you in advance if this is likely.

Over time, we will be working with key banking institutions in the main regions we support, to bring more direct feeds to Saasu. We’ve done a lot of technical work to make it easier to connect direct bank feeds to Saasu, so keep an eye out for future connections.


Australian payroll update for FY 2016

It’s that time of the year again. End of financial year is almost here for Australian businesses and at Saasu we are updating everything behind the scenes to keep it simple for you. Below are the Saasu compliance changes as of 1 July 2015 which have gone live.

  • PAYG changes to support the next financial year. From 1 July 2015 any payrolls entered with the payroll date of 1 July 2015 onwards will use the new tax tables.
  • EMPDUPE file format changes to update to the latest specification. This is the file containing Payment Summary information you submit electronically to the ATO.
  • Superannuation changes to support the rates for next financial year. IMPORTANTLY, if you are using custom Pay Items for Superannuation you will need to update those rates yourselves as Saasu only updates the standard built in Pay Items.

CEO Insights: Know Your Business Valuation

Today, we have a brand new episode of our CEO Insights series to share with you: Know Your Business Valuation.

Business valuations play a vital part in selling and buying a business. While it is tricky to work out what your business is worth, it can be the bridge between success and failure.

Watch this video, where Marc Lehmann, CEO of Saasu, discusses the how-tos of accurate business valuations.

Marc shares the common pitfalls of business valuations, mistakes to avoid and different ways to create a business valuation that will have you win.

As a bonus, here’s Marc’s full slide deck (feel free to share with your team). As always, you will get actionable insights that you can apply directly to your business. You will learn a ton! Watch now.

Episode Timeline:
00:02 – Avoiding Sharks
05:45 – Setting Capital Raisings
06:21 – Strategic Planning: Understanding Metrics Driving the Valuation of Your Business
08:38 – Exit Planning: Valuations Give You Confidence
09:06 – It’s What the Buyer Paid for It: the RetailMeNot Case Study
11:19 – How Markets Value
13:16 – Multiples: EBITDA & ARR
14:40 – Discounted Cashflows
15:55 – Net Assets Method
17:12 – Benchmarking Valuations
20:31 – Startups
20:57 – Multi-Business Model Valuations
22:33 – Classical Measures
23:24 – Classical Valuation Stories
24:15 – The Seller Is Always Exiting. Why?
24:26 – Capital Yield vs Dividend Yield
26:26 – Probability of Recapitalisation
27:49 – Can I Judge My Business Value Based on an IPO?
30:08 – Markets

After watching this #CEOInsights episode, join the discussion and tell us what you think. Marc will be answering all your feedback personally, so leave a comment below.

And if you think this video was valuable, help us spread the word and share it with your friends.

Add PayWay Credit Card Payments to your Saasu Invoices

Getting paid fast is very important for any business to thrive.

One of the best ways to ensure you get paid faster is by offering online payment options in your invoices. This will help you collect and manage customers’ payments easily.

While you can already do this in Saasu using PayPal and Pin Payments, there’s a new option available to you: Westpac’s PayWay integration with a simple ‘Pay Now’ button. All thanks to our awesome Partner XHTMLized, the team behind Saasuthemes.com.

So if you’re a PayWay user, or you’re thinking about signing up, read on…

How it works

The integration is very simple. First, you need to enable the Westpac PayWay Net payment solution in your PayWay account. From there, you’ll need to retrieve your PayWay Biller Code, which identifies your business entity and ensures the money is transferred to your account. From there, you will copy and paste the information we’ll provide below into your Saasu invoice template and you’ll be ready to go.

Here’s how to set it up step-by-step:

  • Login to Saasu > Go to View > Select Templates to get a list of your invoice templates


Now choose the template you’d like to use.

After selecting your template, enable HTML. Then follow these steps:

  • Add <br> to the Sender Details area
  • Copy/Paste the HTML provided below the next screenshot into ‘Payment, notes and other information’
  • Upload graphic for Pay Now button (also provided below) and save it on your drive before uploading it
  • Save the template


HTML code to use in ‘Payments, notes and other information’:

<h2>Pay balance by CreditCard</h2>
<a href=”https://www.payway.com.au/net/NetTransactionEditView?BillerCode=xxxxxx&payment_reference={InvoiceNumber}&payment_reference_maximum_length=20&payment_amount={BalanceDue}&receipt_address={BillingContact.Email}”>
<img alt=”” src=”{Image.Url}payway.png” /></a>

Pay Now button to use in your invoice:


When you click to email your invoice from the Sales screen, you’ll want to edit it to contain the active link that allows your customers to click and pay by credit card directly from the email itself. We’ve used “Pay Now” wording in the screenshot below instead of the image button as the Saasu email messaging system doesn’t support images.


Here’s a preview of what your PDF invoice will look like.


And this is what the PayWay screen looks like with pre-filled information from your Saasu invoice.


Now you’re ready to start collecting payments via Westpac’s PayWay, straight from within your Saasu invoices.

We’d like to leave a big thank you to the team at XHTMLized for working on the integration and the instructions for it. Thank you also to our customer Peter Herring, from Erkodent Australia, who helped with testing. We appreciate your efforts.

About Saasuthemes.com
Saasu Themes is a service by XHTMLized which enables businesses who use Saasu to bring beautiful design to their accounting documents. So if you’re looking for a beautiful, affordable theme for your Saasu invoices, head over to Saasuthemes.com and choose your favourite.

Saasu Mastery: Using Tags & Templates for Better Business Insights

We’ve just released another video of our Saasu Mastery series: Using Tags & Templates for Better Business Insights (watch the previous themes).

In this video, your sensei Matthew Ardeljan, Product Manager at Saasu, shows you how to get the business insights you need. These insights can be vital in supporting you to make the right decisions more easily and spot gaps and opportunities in your business.

The sensei teaches you:

  • How to track and manage different segments of your business
  • How to use tags to track financial performance of your business across the board
  • How to use templates to gain more insight into your customers and business overall

Here’s the video – it will show you how easily Saasu can give you what you need.

The Saasu Mastery series was created to give something back to our clients and partners, as a thank you for your support. We know that if we teach you your way around Saasu, it can make a real difference to your business.

Now we’d like to hear from you! Did you find this session useful, and if you’re already using some of these tips, how are they working for your business? Leave your comments and questions below and we’ll reply to you directly.

Want Automatic Expenses from Apple Watch to Saasu?


It’s the week of exciting news, here at Saasu.

Our partner iqBoxy.com have launched an Apple Watch version of their mobile iPhone app which works flawlessly with Saasu.

The collection of expenses starts on your iqBoxy Watch or iqBoxy mobile app and the purchase is automatically sent to Saasu for business and tax reporting.

Why Apple Watch?

Recording purchases should be fast and in context. The Apple Watch allows this to happen while extending the power of the mobile app beyond the confines of a pocket. This means you no longer have to fumble through trying to find your phone. A quick swipe and tap on your watch and you’re done. Instantly.


How to use iqBoxy Apple Watch app with Saasu

  • Stay on top of your expenses

The iqBoxy Apple Watch gives you a faster and complete picture of all your expenses. The content is right there.

The integration between iqBoxy and Saasu allows you to instantly see expense receipts incurred today, yesterday, last week, this month or last month. Just raise your wrist and swipe.

  • Collect expenses faster

You’ve just taken a client out to lunch and want to record the expense quickly.

All you have to do is glance at your Apple Watch, which turns into a long look and activates the iqBoxy app. You press the + icon on the Watch screen and dictate the expense: “$80 business lunch with ABC client at Cafe Sydney.” And you’re done. It’s that easy.

At this point, the iqBoxy automation magic takes over.

The Apple Watch sends the translated dictation to the qBoxy iPhone App. The iPhone wakes up the iqBoxy app and tells it all the translated data plus geolocation tagging and sends it to iqBoxy services in the cloud. A few seconds later, iqBoxy has created the expense and pushed it (with all its meta data) to Saasu.

How to get iqBoxy for your iPhone or Apple Watch

  • Go to iTunes and search for iqBoxy
  • Download and install the iqBoxy app for free
  • Follow the fast 30 seconds iqBoxy to Saasu integration processed outlined here: https://www.iqboxy.com/saasu 

That’s it. Simple and easy.

What do you think of the integration? Will you be using the Apple Watch, or are you at least curious? We’d love to hear your thoughts, so join the discussion and leave your comment below.